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Harvest & Farmers' Market Crew

Part-time, seasonal, 1 position available

Starting wage:    $14/hour + farm food

Starting date:     April 1st, 2022

Ending date:       November 18th, 2022

Days per week:  4 days/week, Wednesday-Saturday

Job Description: 

This position has you working on the farm Harvest crew for 3 days, and on our Farmers’ Market crew for 1 day a week.  As a part-time Harvest crew member you will be focusing primarily on harvesting, washing, and packing. On occasion, you will also participate in other farming tasks such as weeding, transplanting, pruning, and other general farm tasks.  Being part of our Farmers’ market crew consists of working the Corvallis Saturday farmers’ market with us mid-April through mid-November.  You will be part of our team that sets up & takes down our market booth, creatively displays food, work as a cashier, restock items, and interact with our customers in a fun and authentic way.

Job Requirements: 

  • Have transportation to get to work on time dependably

  • Be able to follow instructions and pay attention to details

  • Be physically fit, able to lift 40 lbs. repeatedly, and have hustle!

  • Be able to keep a positive attitude, respect team members, and be responsive to feedback

  • Have self-motivation to do a quality job in an efficient way

  • Ask for additional information if directions seem inadequate

  • Be able to work outside all day

  • Have adequate all-weather gear

  • Be able to speak in a clear and friendly manner with all kinds of people

  • Be proficient in simple math and have legible handwriting

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