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Market cards are a way for our CSA members & regular customers to pay in advance for their purchases, thus committing to purchasing food from us, and in return we give extra credit for the up front payment and the whole system allows for easy purchasing without the regular exchange of cash or credit card fees.  



Market card options
buy $100, get $110 in credit
$200 = $224
$300 = $340
Cash or check only!

Get up to 13% extra!


Purchase Food at the Farmers Market

Buying a market card for use at the farmers market makes shopping fast and easy.  You choose what you want, when you want it, and we keep track of your tab.


Buy extra food at your csa pickup

Many of our CSA members like the option of buying extra food at the pickup locations.  Using a market card lets you do this without having to carry cash.  It's easy and allows you to get what you want without having to plan ahead.


make special orders

Do you like to can or preserve all the delicious food when it's in season?  With a market card, you can be ready to purchase strawberries for jam, basil for pesto, or apples for sauce  when the moment is right.

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