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Market cards are a way for our regular customers to pay in advance for their purchases, thus committing to purchasing food from us, and in return we give extra credit for the up front payment and the whole system allows for easy purchasing without the regular exchange of cash or credit card fees.  

As we are not attending the Corvallis farmers market this season, we are transferring our Market Card program to our online Farm Store.  To join the Farm Store Club you purchase a Market Card and then shop at our online store and get the same food you know and enjoy.

Market Cards & Farm Club


Joining the Club

To join the Farm Store Club, click on the Join Now button below.  This will walk you through the process of first selecting a pickup location and then choosing a market card amount and entering your personal information to set up your account.


Shopping at the Farm Store

When our online store opens in June, you will receive a weekly email with a link to the Farm Store.  Shop from our weekly offerings and order only when you want to.  There will be a cut-off time when you need to place your order for that week.  Through your online account you can check your balance, see past orders, and purchase more market card credit.

Zucchinni & Summer squash_edited_edited.png

Picking up your food

Your order will be delivered to the pickup location of your choice for you to pickup.  There are specific pickup times depending on which location you choose.   Pickups are on Thursdays, generally between 4 and 7 PM.  You can change your pick up location through your online account if necessary.

Farm Club Events

In an effort to create a stronger food community and give our members opportunities to connect with the people and the land that grows their food, we will be hosting a series of events throughout the year.  These event will be open to all our CSA and Farm Club members. 

These events may include: 


Weed & Feed Work Party

Farm Tours

Apple Festival

Swap Meet

Farm to Table dinner with local chef's

and more....

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