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Certified Organic produce

~Since 2008~

2024 Summer & Fall CSA

Registration OPEN!

Rainshine is a small-scale, certified organic, family farm that grows vegetables, berries, and apples in the foothills of the Coastal range in Kings Valley, OR.  

We grow food for our almost year-round CSA, the Corvallis Saturday Farmers' Market,  and for several local restaurants.

Two of the most important qualities of food are taste and freshness.  Food selected & grown for exceptional flavor, picked when ripe, and sold fresh, is the best tasting food you will find.  We focus on varieties that are suitable to our slightly cooler climate, high quality non-GMO seed sources, a balanced ecosystem (which is much harder to achieve than it sounds), cover cropping, and nutrient balancing in our soils, to grow vibrant and healthy food.  

We  choose holistic management in our fields and orchards which is healthier for the soil, waterways, wild animals, and humans.  We are blessed to steward this land and grow food for our community. 

We look forward to feeding you!

~Elias & Rachel


In 2024 our evolution as a food farm continues!  15 years in, and we are still learning big lessons!  Last year we pivoted away from  the farmers market and aimed at expanding and improving our CSA and restaurant accounts.  In this attempt we found some success, but mostly we struggled with unanticipated  challenges.  All in all, it was still a good year, and with the help of our awesome crew, we made it through, it just didn't go as planned.

So this year we are doing a "Go Back", which means we are going back to what worked before, to improve what we can, with the new lessons we have learned.


So here is what you can expect from us in 2024:    

  • We will be running a simplified CSA program without the fancy customizable software that ate up our time and profits, but with renewed emphasis on growing the food our members want to eat, providing our members with share options, and creating farm experiences for our members to enjoy.

  • We will be selling at the Corvallis Saturday Market June - November.   Same location, 1st & Jefferson, 9 AM to 1 PM.

  • We will continue providing our favorite chefs with produce, and we are welcoming back Breitenbush Hot Springs (our Alma mater) as a customer!  When you eat at these restaurants you are also supporting us!  Castor, Lucca Taverna, Taco Vino, Del Alma, Bodhi Bakery/Bistro, The Naked Crepe, and Ants On A Log Cafe.


We're Back!

We will once again be a regular vendor at the  2024 Corvallis Saturday Farmers' market

1st & Jefferson

9 AM - 1 PM

Starting in May or June

(weather depending)



community supported agriculture



TEL: 541-602-9988 /

Thanks for submitting!

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