Community Supported Agriculture

The CSA supports our core belief that community is integral to the life of our farm.

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Weekly Farm Fresh Food!

wait, what's a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  At the heart of the relationship is a mutually beneficial agreement between the farmer and their community members. This farming model has somewhat mysterious beginnings, and is said to have originated with the Biodynamic Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, and to have been actively cultivated in post WWII Europe in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.  
CSA programs also starting popping up in Chili and Japan in the 1970's. 

It wasn't until the 1980's that the first American CSA farms started offering farm direct food shares to their communities, and CSA's have been spreading across the country ever since. While there is no official count of how many CSA farms there are in the U.S., Local Harvest lists at least 7,600.

All farms' CSA's are slightly different to meet the individual needs of the farm and community, but all offer you an opportunity to be part of a grassroots, farm direct food community, that assures you a share of the farms bounty that is often not subject to the same challenges of the ebb and flow of the national supply chain.  Members also get to know their farmers and where their food comes from and participate in special CSA member farm events.

Our CSA members pay in advance, when we need funds to buy seeds, make capital improvements, hire labor, and prepare fields for crops.  The farm food will start flowing to  you in June and we will feed you all the way through November.  Our food is certified organic, and is grown with consideration and appreciation for the ecosystem that supports us. 
Is a CSA right for me?
Our CSA is perfect for those who like to prepare most of their meals with farm fresh produce each week.  We include lots of food staples like carrots, salad mix, cooking greens and potatoes as well as exciting seasonal  treats like berries, corn, peppers, apples, and melons.  We focus on popular and tasty vegetables that most people enjoy and try to limit the amount of odd or uncommon foods we offer.   

CSA memberships are great for encouraging you to eat more fresh vegetables.  Which means better nutrition for you and your family.

To help with shopping and meal planning, you will receive weekly emails telling you what will be in your share that week, as well as recipes, storage tips, health tips, and farm news.   Our goal is to  deliver you delicious healthy food that you are excited to eat! We offer opportunities to swap out foods you don't care for as well as order extra items.
Our CSA members get a "farm tab" where you may get extra food and pay later.  We offer members this convenience so it's easy for you to buy more food when you want it without having to carry cash all the time.  We keep track of your purchases for you and give you a 10% discount at our farm stands.

  We deliver to 2 Corvallis locations, offer on-farm pick-up, and home delivery is available for an additional cost.  You choose a regular pickup site and or delivery method at registration and can switch location throughout the season if necessary.  We also give our members 2 vacation credits to allow for vacation time!
We believe everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food, and offer several payment options so our food is more widely available to our community.  If you need a different plan than listed here, please contact us and we will work together to find a solution.
  • Pay in full
  •  2 payments; 1/2 at sign up and 1/2 two months later 
  • SNAP payments are excepted through the Double Up Food Bucks program at our Saturday Farmers Market pick-up location
  • CSA Work-Trade- click here for the details of this option

Pick-up Locations:

2022 Summer/Fall CSA Membership Pricing

We have raised our pricing this year to adjust for the price increases we have experienced across the board with all our material inputs as well as labor.  We ask only for a fair economic return for ourselves and our workers for the skill  and dedication needed to grow food.

CSA Membership:  $725

Weekly cost per share:  $29
Home Delivery (optional): $250
Feeds 2-4 People who eat several home-cooked meals a week
Payment options available, see registration page for details.
Starts 1st week in June - Ends the 3rd week of November
Pick up days and locations are:
Thursday- Flicker & Fir Farm stand in South town Corvallis & Home deliveries.
Friday on Farm pick-up in Kings Valley.
Saturday at Corvallis Farmers' Market.
VACATION POLICY - It's summer, you will go on vacation, and we will wish you well and expect souvenirs.   We will give you 2 weeks worth of vacation credit.  This credit can be used at a farmers' market, you may order more food in following weeks, or order bulk items like tomatoes for canning or basil for pesto.  Another option is to have a friend pick up your share for you while you are gone.  If you take more than 2 weeks vacation, you either forfeit those weeks or have to give them as a gift to a friend.
CSA Share Examples by Month 

June~ Sugar peas, carrots, basil, zucchini, spinach, new potatoes, and broccoli

July~ Cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, green beans, celery, basil, cucumbers, and salad mix

August~  Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, carrots, head lettuce, cabbage, and corn

September~  Berries, melons, frying peppers, summer squash, onions, edamame, spinach, and tomatoes

October~ Broccoli, kale, salad turnips, potatoes, garlic, carrots, herbs, Asian pears, and corn

November~  Brussels sprouts, winter squash, carrots, cauliflower, salad mix, apples, and leeks
We allow and encourage our CSA members to swap share items if they are undesirable for whatever reason.  Some people just don't like cilantro, and that's okay.

Food waste is one of our biggest pet peeves!

 We also allow our CSA members to
purchase extra items and charge it to their "farm tab".  This allows you the flexibility to get desired food without always having to remember to bring cash.  We will track your total and you can pay at the end of the season.