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Community Supported Agriculture


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The CSA supports our core belief that community is integral to the life of our farm.


We have always been a CSA farm, and this year we are reinvigorating our roots by expanding and improving our CSA programs in new and exciting ways!



Get the food  you want!  Our new online market will allow members to see & edit pre-selected contents, either increasing or decreasing the numbers and types of items based on availability.  Add-on items will also be available for prE-orders and will be included in your weekly share.



Our new CSA programs have added flexibility to fit your busy lifestyle.   You can place a hold on your share whenever necessary, or switch pick up locations easily through your CSA online account.  We offer payment options that fit your finances. 

We want to make your commitment to our farm easier.



Fresh food tastes better!  Buying farm fresh food is often much fresher than what you get at the grocery store.  We are committed to growing excellent tasting food and harvesting it for peak flavor.  Fresh food is higher in nutrients and is better for your health.

What is a CSA and why should I join one?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 
People buy a CSA membership and receive a "share"
of the food our farm produces for an agreed upon amount of time. 
The heart of this relationship is a direct, and mutually beneficial agreement between the grower and the consumer.
  • Our CSA members are guaranteed food that is:
    • Certified organic
    • Fresh & flavorful and in-season
    • Reasonably priced
    • Great for your health
    • Grown locally
    • Grown by people and a farm you will get to know
    • Grown using holistic farm management techniques
  • Growers are guaranteed:
    • Sales!  Guaranteed sales are ideal for small farms
    • Customers we know and who care about our farm
    • Pre-payments early in the year when we have low sales and lots of expenses
    • Less food waste because we grow and harvest specifically for our CSA members
    • A community of people brought together by food
Our CSA is perfect for those who like to prepare most of their meals with farm fresh produce each week.  We include lots of food staples like carrots, salad mix, cooking greens and potatoes as well as exciting seasonal  treats like berries, corn, peppers, apples, and melons.  We focus on popular and tasty vegetables that most people enjoy and try to limit the amount of odd or uncommon foods we offer.   

CSA memberships are great for encouraging you to eat more fresh vegetables. 
Which means better nutrition for you and your family.  Eating more vegetables is literally the single best thing you can do for your health.

We offer opportunities for you to customize your CSA shares and purchase add-on items, so you are buying and eating the food you want!  T
o help with shopping and meal planning, you will receive weekly emails telling you what will be in your share that week, as well as recipes, storage tips, health tips, and farm news.   Our goal is to  deliver you delicious healthy food that you are excited to eat! 
Our CSA members can purchase Farm Store credit and then you have the option to add more items to your weekly share.  Purchasing Farm Store credit works just like a Market Card, but you will be shopping primarily at our online Farm Store.   

  We have 2 pickups in Corvallis, 1 Philomath location, pickup at Rainshine Farm, and we also offer home deliverWe allow members to place their shares on hold whenever you are on vacation or out of town.  We think that allowing our members an unlimited amount of share holds will greatly improve their ability to have freedom with scheduling. 

2023 Summer/Fall CSA Membership Pricing

CSA Membership:  $702

Weekly cost per share:  $26
Home Delivery fee: $8.50/delivery

Feeds 2-4 People who eat several home-cooked meals a week
Payment options available
May 18th - December 14th, 2023

27 CSA shares
Pickup Locations:

 South-town Corvallis

North-town Corvallis


Rainshine Family Farm

Home Delivery
CSA Share Examples by Month 

June~ Sugar peas, carrots, basil, zucchini, spinach, new potatoes, and broccoli

July~ Cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, green beans, celery, basil, cucumbers, and salad mix

August~  Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, carrots, head lettuce, cabbage, and corn

September~  Berries, melons, frying peppers, summer squash, onions, edamame, spinach, and tomatoes

October~ Broccoli, kale, salad turnips, potatoes, garlic, carrots, herbs, apples, and corn

November~  Brussels sprouts, winter squash, carrots, cauliflower, salad mix, apples, and leeks

December~  Potatoes, onions, winter squash, leeks, parsley, kale, beets, and arugula
Food waste is one of our biggest pet peeves, so this year we are moving our CSA to an online customizable system that will allow our members to choose many of the item they will receive in their share.  We want you to eat and enjoy the food you are buying.  
We are also creating an online Farm Store where members can purchase add-on items to your weekly shares.
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