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  • Before applying for any position, be sure to read the job description and responsibilities thoroughly.  If you have clarifying questions, email us and ask those questions first before applying.

    When you are ready to apply, please email us @
          1.  Subject line: (name of job you applying for), (your name)
         2.  Resume and cover letter detailing your interest in the position
         3.  Three professional references with current phone numbers

  • Have transportation to get to work on time dependably

  • Be able to follow instructions and pay attention to details

  • Be physically fit, able to lift 40 lbs. repeatedly, and have hustle!

  • Be able to keep a positive attitude, respect team members, and be responsive to feedback

  • Have self-motivation to do a quality job in an efficient way

  • Ask for additional information if directions seem inadequate

  • Be able to work outside all day

  • Have adequate all-weather gear

All Positions must meet these requirements:

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